GenDifS: Formal Semantics#

The formal semantics of OWL can be given by translating OWL to First Order Logic (FOL) (see e.g. Stuckenschmidt “Ontologies”). Similarly, we specify the formal semantics of GenDifS by showing the translation to OWL2 for each relevant GenDifS construct. Technically, this maps the constructs of the GenDifS language to sets of OWL classes, relations, and axioms.

Specifically, the Python script generates turtle code for each individual mindmap node – depending on their local context, i.e. 1 to 3 parent nodes – in particular for OWL.

In order to be able to understand this code generation in detail also from the developer’s point of view, a local mini-documentation of the local context is also inserted into the turtle code as a comment in parallel to the turtle code. Based on a suitable minimal mind map, the script thus automatically generates documentation of the concretely implemented formal semantics of GenDifS.