A first approach to model our PDK domain may result in a freemind mindmap like this one:


  • mindmap software supports brainstorming
  • KR tree represents knowledge ... but it is unclear how!
  • no semantic markup

Export to html

semAuth translates this map into the following nested list:

  • Person
    • Author Stanislav_Lem (other spelling: Stanisław Lem) isAuthorOf The_Cyberiad
    • Isaac_Asimov (other spellings: Исаак Озимов or Айзек Азимов ) isAuthorOf I_Robot
    • Tobias Findeisen
  • Document
    • Book
    • Story
      • The_Cyberiad hasKeyword robot
      • I_Robot hasKeyword human robot
  • artefact
    • machine
      • vehicle
      • robot
        • human robot

Legend of syntax markup

  • "-" means "ul / li" list items
  • subtrees without syntax markup generate inline text