SemAuth opens a new paradigm to author simultaneously structured text and semantic models .

It allows to author from within one single, overall knowledge representation

  • an ontology and it's html documentation
  • schema, instances and (F-logic) rules
  • html structures like p, li, h1..h6 - freely 2b divided up into a tree of documents
  • embedded RDFa and Google microdata

We abstract from specific syntax details of formats like turtle, F-Logic (Ontoprise: Object Logic) or RDFa. Instead semAuth inserts an additional visual layer between enduser and ontology language.

SemAuth supports the user in all stages of ontology engineering:

  • brainstorming and collecting ideas
  • associating, ordering and sorting
  • formalizing and modelling as classes, instances etc.
  • exporting to RDF and F-logic
  • refacturing e.g. class trees as trees of instances (e.g. of skos:Concept)