This is a small (but far not trivial) Hello World example. It helps you to run your first ontology with OntoStudio 3 in object logic (OBL).

HowTo start:

  • Download and install OntoStudio 3
  • Watch the Sesame street fire engine video (about 3min) in order to get a quick introduction into the domain we have modelled: "Ernie puts the toys into groups" (transcript see below: Ernie_Puts_The_Toys_Into_Groups_Transcript )
  • Explore OntoStudio
    • Start OntoStudio. Create a new Project (say) "HelloWorld":
    • Load our example Ontology ErniesToyOntology.obl into your newly generated project "HelloWorld". ( )
    • Browse the Ontology, i.e. the object fire engine.
      • Assure yourself that the ontology you have imported actually models the domain we are describing here!
      • Recognize that -- extending the example -- we need a rule (i.e. a hasPart transitivity rule) in order to infer that a fire engine has wheels. (This is because we have modeled "erniesFireEngine hasPart driveSystem" and "driveSystem hasPart wheel".)
    • Execute queries:
      • Unfold ontology in ontology browser: HelloWorld > ErniesToyOntology > Queries > { bigToys | ToysWithWheels } ,
      • push button "execute query"
    • Learn to appreciate rules:
      • disable the rule HelloWorld > ErniesToyOntology > Rules > transitiveHasPart_rule by right clicking the rule and selecting "Deactivate Rules" in the context menue
      • again execute the query ToysWithWheels.
      • explain why there are no results any more!

This is our main Ontology: ErniesToyOntology