cosine text similarity#

Since cosine text similarity is a very common topic, there already should be very good videos available. We give here some recommendations for didactical videos explaining cosine text similarity.

  • Minsuk Heo 허민석: How to measure similarity in vector space (cosine similarity): Introduce Euclidean Distance and Cosine similarity with easy example for easy understanding to NLP (natural language processing) deep learning students. (4:16)

  • Cosine similarity, cosine distance explained: (14:27) Cosine similarity, cosine distance explained in a way that high school student can also understand it easily. If you have aspirations of becoming a data scientist, you must know these two concepts. I will explain cosine similarity using a real life simple example and then we will write code in python using sklearn library.

  • Francisco Iacobelli: Cosine Similarity: Introduction to document similarity using document x term matrices. I’ll introduce intuitions and end with cosine similarity as a better measure for similarity. (23:31)

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